Green-IT Solutions

Welcome to Green-IT Solutions: Where your Dreams turns into Reality

Green-IT solutions is an IT training institution which was founded by Team Mayajaal with a vision to establish freelancing as a career path. Our mission is to create skillful freelancers by providing quality training by the professional freelancer not the professional trainers because we believe a trainer can know a lot of details about the course but the freelancers know the actual scenario of the marketplaces and how to make a person compatible for that marketplace. All the courses of Green-IT Solutions are enhanced by developing and maintaining partnership with actual clients of the jobs, top freelancers and students. We are dedicated to teaching, advising and training. Here we focus on the top demanded jobs of specific marketplaces and find out what type of soft skills you will need to complete those jobs. Team Green-IT Solutions are working to provide the proper guideline to develop that skills properly.

In this era of technology, you can perform the jobs remotely from anywhere of the world. Thousands of professional freelancers from Bangladesh are working for the top companies around the world and they are performing their jobs remotely by using internet. They can turn any place into their office with the help of internet. That is the power of human cloud network and here more than fifty billion dollars has been transferred in every year which is continuously increasing.

So, any skillful person from anywhere of the world can earn a handsome money but here the main requirement is the skills. In this modern era maximum repeated jobs are done by robots and in near future most of the jobs which can be done by specific programming are performed by different kinds of robots. So, if you want to survive in this competitive job market you must achieve a specialized knowledge which can not be performed by the robots. You can choose any type of creative job for the future cause robot can never be equal to human in perspective of creativity.

Keeping these things in mind team Green IT Solutions design all the courses.  After completing any course from here you can use your creativity properly in that specific field as well as you will get the pleasure of creating something and with the creation you can make money from online which will a sustainable source of income for yourself as well as your country. Cause you can earn money from anywhere of the world.

In Green IT solutions we focused on that jobs which not only produce money but also bring happiness for you. In graphic design course you can learn the creation process of awesome graphic works and by using the digital marketing you can present that designs toward your targeted customers. We accumulated both courses to provide an integrated knowledge toward our students. As like as the graphic design and digital marketing course all the courses of Green IT are designed in this integrated way.

Green IT Solutions always try to make the course plan student friendly. So, you can get any type of support about your course from here but before joining any course please read the course details carefully. As we ensure quality education so you must complete the asked requirements. If you can complete the requirements then you can get admitted in our training program from admission page.


As we have a specific aimed job for a specific student so our trainers design the class materials by focusing that aim that’s why we can ensure quality education within the shortest possible time. But we have two prerequisites to join our cause, firstly proper dedication and secondly you must have a determination to do hard work to learn, make yourself perfect for the jobs. So, if you are dedicated enough you can join with us and start the journey toward your dreams!